• The King Is Coming

  • Apr 22, 2012
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  • The King Is Coming with Dr. Ed Hindson, "15 Miraculous Events That Will Shake The World: 5 Prophetic Signs That Reveal The Future".More  
    For over 30 years, The King Is Coming telecast has been on the air, proclaiming the message of hope and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Created by the late Dr. Howard C. Estep in 1972, continued by the late Dr. Dave Breese from 1986-2002, and now hosted by Dr. Ed Hindson, The King Is Coming telecast has long been respected for its direct, easy-to-understand Bible-based teaching. From its inception, The King Is Coming telecast has been highly acclaimed for its adherence to the Word of God without wild and unnecessary speculation. If you want to know “what the Bible says” about the future, you can find the answers on The King Is Coming telecast Sundays at 12:00 noon Pacific time on TBN.close