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  • Jun 1, 2016
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  • For your gift of any amount receive Beth Moore's book Get Out of That Pit! and for your gift of $100 or more receive a Psalm 40 Tote BagMore  
    It’s easy to let life’s pressures and pain trap you in a what feels like a pit of despair. But God offers us a way out of the pit into lasting freedom. In her best-selling book, Get Out of That Pit! Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance, Beth Moore brings a stirring message of absolute deliverance and freedom! Beth Moore: “We can come to a place where we can say, 'That is behind me, this is before me, I am not going back'." As our thank you for your love gift of any amount, we want to help you “Get Out of That Pit” by rushing you a copy of Beth Moore’s life-changing book. Your love gift today will ensure that millions hear the liberating message of freedom through world-shaking initiatives like the new Hillsong Channel And in appreciation of your generous gift of one hundred dollars or more, we’ll include this Psalm 40 Tote Bag. It’s a beautiful and practical reminder of how your love gifts are being used to change lives. Matt Crouch: “I believe this has the potential of literally shaping a generation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Call 800-201-5200, or go securely online to TBN.org to request your copy of Get Out of That Pit, for your gift of any amount. And for your gift of one hundred dollars or more we will send you the Psalm 40 Tote Bag, along with Beth Moore’s book. You can also write us at TBN, P.O. Box A Santa Ana, California, 92711. Share today and help carry a message of hope and grace to the world.close